Upholstery fabric in pure linen.
Design Lena Bergström.
Klässbols Linneväveri 2006.

2006 ELLE Interiör Design Award
2006 Swedish Design Award finalist

The Norrland collection is the result of a long and puposeful collaboration betweenKlässbols Linneväveri and the designer Lena Bergström. The qualities and possibilities of the linen has been the main thread for the work thathas grown out of the looms in Klässbol.

At a distance the low-voicedpatterns of Norrland creates single colours. But when you get closer new patters will appear. ”The strong and graphical characteristics of Norrland ( the northern swedish landscape ) has been my inspiration”, says Lena who grew up in Norrland.

Ever since the early 20’s has the raw material flax and its refinement directed theJohansson family in Klässbol. Their determination and humble belief in quality, their balance between old handicraft and new techniques, their beliefs in what they are doingand that it is the right thing, has spun threads far longer than to the border of Sweden.

Napkins and tablecloths from the little village in Värmland have for several years beenused at the prestigious Nobel feast. Swedish as well as Norwegian embassies worldwide choose products from Klässbols. They are purveyors to HM the King of Sweden, they have been given the honourable task of hand-weaving the very special royal tablecloth.

“The genuine craftmanship and quality philosophy at Klässbols has been developed by generations. It is rare today and very inspiring for me as a designer. And the linnen as material is fantastic. Like the gold and silver of textiles.”